File Sharing

Offsite Storage

Besides the safety of having your files stored in offsite storage, MyOtherDrive allows you to share your files with your family and friends. Want to share pictures from that last golf outing? Want to tickle your family with the latest pictures of your new baby? MyOtherDrive makes it easy.

Can I share my files publicly, to everyone on the Internet?

You most certainly can. Just share a folder as available to 'Everyone on the Internet' and it will be visible to anyone without them having to log in. The folder will display with a globe icon on it, as a reminder that everyone in the world has access to it. Here is an example of public file sharing.

What is Private Sharing?

Have you ever wanted to share a set of photos, music files, or videos to friends, but not make the files available to everyone on the Internet? You can do that with MyOtherDrive. Create a group (e.g. co-workers, friends, tennis league), add friends to that group, and then share a folder to that group. When you send out links to friends, your friends will be prompted to enter their MyOtherDrive username and password before they can see the shared media. This prevents the contents from "leaking" on the Internet, and search engines cannot access it. If your friends are not yet members of MyOtherDrive, they can join free. MyOtherDrive private sharing makes this possible.

I do not want to share anything with anyone. Can I do that?

Yes you can. For a straight forward backup-user, you can make all of your folders private. In this case, no one has access to your files except you.


MyOtherDrive has taken your privacy seriously. Most online storage sites make you share either all or none of your data. You don't have to stick to those extremes with MyOtherDrive. Do you want to make all of you data private? Great. Do you want to make all of your data public? Great. Want something in between. That is where we excel. MyOtherDrive gives you the full control of how you share your files.

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