Password-Based File Sharing Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Start File Management Service

After signing into your account, click the 'Launch File Manager' button.

Step 2: Choose folder to share

Click a folder in the folder tree at the lower left side of the page.

Step 3: Share it publicly (just for a second)

Right-click on the folder and choose 'Sharing -> Publicize Selected Folder' from the pop-up menu. This will make the folder public (temporarily available to everyone on the Internet). This access will be limited in the next step.

Step 4: Set a password

Right-click again on the folder and choose 'Sharing -> Set Public Password'. Enter the password you want to require others to enter to access this folder. You can check a box that sets this same password on all sub-folders.

Step 5: Get a link (URL)

With the folder still selected, click the 'Links' button on the main toolbar.

Step 6: Choose link type

Check the box to get a link to a web view of the folder. You can also get a link to a web view of a file, a direct link to a file, or a direct link to a thumbnail of a file. Direct file linking is only available to Pro accounts.

Step 7: Choose where to place link (URL)

Choose 'Clipboard' to place the link on the clipboard (you can then press 'Ctrl-v' to paste it into an email or chat window. You can also choose to email the link to one of your friends.

Step 8: That's it. You can email / chat this link to friends

When your friends receive this link, they will be prompted to enter the password. Make sure you tell them the password so that they can enter it to access the folder.

When to use friend-based sharing versus 'collaboration' sharing

Friend based sharing is great for when you do not want to require the other parties to have an account with MyOtherDrive in order to see your files. It is also useful if you are sharing to a large audience, and do not plan to add the entire audience to your 'friends list' just to share a link.

The 'password based' pages cannot be accessed by any one (or web search) engine. This means your folder will only be accessed by those who know the password. Search engines will not index your pages or make them available because they will not be able to get past the password prompt.

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