Online Backup Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Start File Management Service

After signing into your account, click the 'Launch File Manager' button.

Step 2: Click 'Backup' button on main toolbar

The 'Backup' window will pop-up. This window allows you to change the settings of your online backup.

Step 3: Set 'when' the backup should occur [optional]

If you desire a 'scheduled' online backup, check the 'Days of Week' and set the time of day when the backup should occur. This step is optional.

Step 4: Click the 'Backup Maps' button

Step 5: Set the source files and folders to backup

In the Backup Map window, click the 'Suggest Folders' button. This will scan your harddrive, looking for the folders that should be backed up (folders containing documents, media, etc.). After it finishes scanning your harddrive, a list of folders to be backed up will be displayed. You can add or remove folders until the 'source' list is exactly what you want.

Step 6: Set the destination folder on MyOtherDrive

While the 'Backup Map' window is up, click a folder in the 'folder tree' on the left (below your friends list). Each time you click a folder, the 'destination' folder updates in the 'Backup Map' window. This is the folder that your files will be copied into.

Step 7: Set any 'special' options

Set any special options for this backup map. As the backup is being run, it will obey the options selected here. For example, if you select 'Synchronize' - the destination folder on MyOtherDrive will exactly match the source folder. If this option is not selected, files deleted on your computer will remain on MyOtherDrive. You can also choose to skip files that match a wildcard pattern (using * to match any set of characters or ? to match a single character in a file name). You can create more than one 'Backup Map' if you need to set these options individually for some of your source folders, or if you need more than one destination folder on MyOtherDrive.

Step 8: Close the Backup Map window

Step 9: Click the 'Create / Update Scheduled Task' button to save your changes.

If you selected a scheduled day of week and time of day, you will be prompted for your 'Windows' username and password. This is required because our service will create a 'Scheduled Task' to run your backup. If no one is logged into the computer when it is time to run the task, this is the account that will be used to log in and run the backup.

Step 10: Click 'Run Now' [optional]

If you would like to test out the backup you set up, or you are not using the scheduled backup feature, then click the 'Run Now' button to start the online backup. This will start the backup and open up a status window so you can see the backup progress. Please note that at anytime you can click 'Cancel' to stop the backup, and then restart it later if you'd like. Our backup will 'skip' through unchanged files and get to the last place it left off very quickly. If you are running the scheduled backup, and would like to monitor the progress of it, click the 'View Status / Progress' button. If the backup is running, this will display a progress window. If the backup is finished, this will display a summary plus a full file-by-file report. If a Backup is running and you click 'Run Now' our system will recognize that and only show the progress of the currently running backup. Similarly, if you start a backup with 'Run Now' and the scheduled time for a backup triggers, the scheduled backup will not run a 2nd copy if another backup is already running.

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