Collaboration File Sharing Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Start File Management Service

After signing into your account, click the 'Launch File Manager' button.

Step 2: Add friends / contacts

Click the '+Add Friends' button below the Friends list.

Step 3: Import, Paste, or type in friends

Import, Paste, or type in names and email addresses of those that would like to share / collaborate with. Click 'Finish' once you have the list of names complete.

Step 4: Choose folder to share

Select a folder in the folder tree (below the friends list) to share.

Step 5: Click 'Share' on the main toolbar

This will pop-up the 'Sharing' window where you can creating collaboration groups, assign people to groups, and add/delete/rename groups, and assign permissions to groups.

Step 6: Add new groups [optional]

If you want to create other groups that those listed, click the 'Add Group' button at the top of the 'Sharing' window.

Step 7: Assign friends to groups

Select a group in the list and then click the 'Membership' button to assign friends to that group. A friend can be in more than one group. A window will pop-up showing your friends. Double-click on a friend to add or remove the friend to/from the group.

Step 8: Check / uncheck 'Include Subfolders' [optional]

If you want the capabilites assigned to the selected groups to include this folder and all of its subfolders, check the 'Include Subfolders' box.

Step 9: Assign 'Capabilities' to the selected group

Click the capability check boxes (view, download, add, delete, modify) below the group list to give the selected group that capability, for the selected folder. When the 'Sharing' window is brought up, it is brought up for the currently selected folder (show below the list of groups). For example, if the folder 'My Pictures' is shown, and the 'Friends' group is selected, click the 'download' box to give the 'Friends' group download access to your 'My Pictures' folder. You can repeat this step for each group that you believe should have access to this folder.

If you assign any capabilities to the 'Everyone on the Internet' group, then you are sharing the folder publicly. Please use caution sharing a folder this way. Any folder that is publicly shared can be accessed by anyone, including search 'bots' like Google and Yahoo! The benefit of publicly sharing a folder is that the receiver of the link can view it without having to sign in or have a MyOtherDrive account.

Collaboration Setup is complete

At this point, you have completed the set up for collaboration and file/photo sharing. Next, we'll cover the various ways to share links to your folders.

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