Photo Sharing

It's so easy to snap hundreds of pictures with your digital camera. Now you can share your pictures easily with our free online photo sharing. Once you have a few masterpieces, the best way to share them with people is by uploading them to MyOtherDrive.

Using Online Photo Sharing is a Snap

Anyone who owns a digital camera should sign up a our free account. The account costs nothing and is an invaluable tool for digital photography. Even if you aren't a computer expert, it's easy to use our online photo sharing. It's as simple as uploading the photos and adding captions. If you have more than a couple of pictures, we display them as a thumbnail gallery. A thumbnail is a small version of a picture that loads very quickly in a visitor's browser. A gallery of thumbnails acts as a table of contents of the pictures on the site. Visitors can click on any thumbnail to see a full sized version of the picture. If you host the pictures on your own site, you have to create the thumbnails yourself. Creating your own thumnails can be a tedious process. With MyOtherDrive, the thumbnails are created automatically. Uploading pictures requires almost no effort from you and your photos are safe in our online storage.

Photo Sharing Is Better Than Emailing

Friends and family appreciate it when you use a MyOtherDrive to share pictures rather than emailing them. Pictures are large and it can take a long time to wait for your emailed photos to download, especially for recipients on dialup connections. Through MyOtherDrive photo sharing your family and friends can look at an album of thumbnails that we generate and then decide which photos to download. Using our free online photo sharing allows people to view the pictures they want to view wihout having to first download the orginals. They can copy the original pictures to their own computer or they can copy the originals into their online storage account.

Sharing Provides Online Backup

The other advantage of uploading your photos to a sharing site like MyOtherDrive is you now have a copy in case something happens to your computer. Digital photos are easy to snap but they are also easy to lose. Viruses, hard drive failures, fires, theft, and natural disasters are just a few of the reasons you could lose everything on your hard drive. Everyone should backup their computer, but few people do. Using MyOtherDrive photo sharing ensures you have a backup of your precious memories on a secure server located far away from you, and that's the best protection you can get. Better yet, MyOtherDrive offers general file sharing and online backup. You can put copies of any document online where it is kept safe.

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