Sharing Secure Links

Today even small businesses perform all of their functions on computers. It simplifies not only actual business operations but makes it easy for organizations to share information over the Internet with clients, vendors and other partners. The challenge lies in providing private sharing of resources over a public network.

Limitations of Email

In the early days of the Internet it was common for organizations to simply email each other needed information. It was a quick method of file sharing that worked in its day but isn't as useful now. As software has gotten more sophisticated, their data files have gotten bigger. However, email attachment limits haven't grown much over the years, and most files are simply too big for email. Even if a file is small enough to send, there is the problem that many email systems reject attachments due to the growing problem of viruses. Another concern is security. Anyone intercepting the email can open the file and steal company information. While many archive programs can create password protected files, this protection is often easily defeated by brute force methods.

Online File Sharing

For large files many companies are turning to online file sharing services. These sites allow a person to upload a file then send a link to the file to other people. The recipients can download the file at their leisure. This solves the problem of file size and attachment rejection. It makes it easy to share the file in a central location, removing the file once its obsolete so that there aren't old copies of a document still being sent around. Unfortunately, this doesn't solve the problem of security. Public file sharing sites are accessible by anyone who has the link. Email doesn't provide secure links and anyone who intercepts the message can download and examine the file or photo.

Secure Links Provide The Best Solution

MyOtherDrive provides secure sharing through our secure links feature. With this system, you upload the file or folder and then email the secure links to the specified recipients. Just having the link is not enough. The recipient must also have an account on MyOtherDrive and be the one of the users you gave access to that file. The file is now password protected but without the limitations of an archived file. This system allows organizations and individuals to share sensitive or confidential information easily and safely. Without the size limitations of email or the security concerns of public sharing, businesses can use the Internet's sharing capabilities to their full potential.

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