File Linking

MyOtherDrive also allows you to easily create Internet links (hyperlinks) to your files. Upload a file or folder and rapidly share it to friends. Just copy the link (URL) to the clipboard, paste it into an email and send it on. The recipient can then access the link you give them. Link to your images from eBay or MySpace.

What are Bullet Proof or Change Proof Links?

Concerned that you have shared a link and now you need to move the file it references to another folder, or want to rename the folder containing the file? No problem, MyOtherDrive has 'Bullet Proof' links. We make it easy to obtain a URL that is valid for as long as the file is on our server. Move the file between folders or rename the file without having to worry about your URL changing. This gives you great flexibility in making changes even after a file is shared. MyOtherDrive Bullet Proof links make this possible.

What is a Secure Link? (How to securely share a large file)

Suppose you have a manuscript that is too large to email. You want to share this file to someone else or a small group of people. Use our Password based sharing. Once the password is set for a Publicly shared folder, use the 'Send' option to email the link to your collaborators. They will be prompted for a password. Once entered, they will get the Web Browser's Save As window to save the file to their disk. If they forward the link to a non-member, it cannot be opened.

Can I share links to Folders and Files?

Yes you can. Use our View Web Folder and View Web File buttons to see what a folder or file looks like in the Web Browser page. Copy the link from the browser's address bar (or use our email feature) to send this address to others. Your friends can click the link to see the shared folder (if shared privately, they will have to enter their username and password.)

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