Import, Grab File

What is Import?

Do you have a lot of files on another online storage site? If so, use our 'Import' feature to automatically bring all of your folders and files directly into your MyOtherDrive account. You could download all of the folders and files and then re-upload them yourself. Or instead, you can use our Import feature and enter your username / password for the other service and MyOtherDrive will do the rest of the work for you. With one command, you can get bring all of your files directly to your MOD account. Look for more online storage import sources to be added to MyOtherDrive. Send your requests for other services to us using our Contact Us link.

What is Grab File?

Do you have URLs (hyperlinks) to content you would like to download? No need to download it to your computer first, and then Upload the file to MyOtherDrive. Bring the file directly into your MyOtherDrive account using the Grab File feature. Enter the URL and click 'Copy'. The content will be directly created in your account, and the location you specify.

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