How To Use Online Backup

Congratulations! The fact you are reading this shows you are ready to protect your critical files from harm. However if you are new to free online backups, you may need a few tips to get started.

Why Use MyOtherDrive?

You can get free online backups from tons of sites, so why should you use our service? We offer you a lot of features other providers don't. We support all computer systems, not just Windows. Many online backups use programs that run only on certain systems. Our software uses Java, a web-based language designed to run on any computer. It works on Windows, Mac, or even Linux and other operating systems. Our software makes it easy to store only the files you need without wasting time and space storing files you don't. Although our free online backup is all that most of our customers need, we also offer greater speed and more space with paid subscriptions that start as low as $4.99/month! You may not need the extra capacity now, but it's good to know it's there should your needs change later.

MyOtherDrive Offer 2 GB Of Free Storage

You may be thinking, "But my hard drive is 80 GB. That's not enough space!" You don't need to back up your entire computer. Most people do not need to store the programs they use, just the files they created. You don't back up Microsoft Word but you do save all of the Word documents you've created. Almost all the files you want to store will be in your documents folder called 'My Documents' on Windows or Documents on a Mac. Most modern software stores their data files here, but you may need to also find email folders, browser favorites, or game save files in other folders. Once you know what you want to keep, determine how much space you need. If you use a PC, you can see how large a folder is by right-clicking the folder and selecting Properties. On a Mac, click the folder than use either Command-I or select File -> Get Info to see the size.

Be Patient For Your First Backup

If you've never used free online storage and backup before, you should be prepared for a long first session. The first time you run our software, it has to copy every one of your marked files to our servers. You may have a fast connection but it's still a lot slower than copying those files to your hard drive or a CD. However, after your first session future backups will take a fraction of the time. Each additional backup will copy only files that are new or have changed since the last backup. So you might have a couple thousand files to back up the first time, but only 10-20 each time after that. Subsequent daily backups will be much faster - probably as quick as a television commercial break.

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