Public vs. Private Online File Sharing

Online socializing allows us to link up with people all over the world who share similar interests. However the nature of the Internet means that everything you do is public and that could create problems for you later if you don't protect your privacy.

The Dangers of a Public Life

You may think that it doesn't matter if people see the online documentation of your weekly party, but you never know who might see these and why. It is becoming common practice for human resource to conduct online investigations of applicants to weed out candidates and spare the company future problems. Your involvement with certain social groups, your political beliefs or your health problems could be used against you without your knowledge. Your current employer could find out information about you that could hurt your prospects for promotion. Employers aren't the only threat. Anyone from romantic interests to the news media could find out information that, taken out of context, could be embarrassing or damaging.

Living A Private Public Life

The Internet is the most public forum that has ever existed and that is easy to forget. Everyone has information they would prefer to keep private. Hiding behind an Internet nickname isn't a guarantee of privacy. Socializing with a group of friends you may feel you are in an intimate group when in reality you could be sharing embarrassing photos with an audience of billions. All it takes is one embarrassing picture forwarded to friends to start making the rounds on the Internet.

Protect Your Private Life

If you have ever associated personal information such as your name, date of birth, or city of residence with your nickname, someone could put it all together with your real identity. You can never guarantee that an Internet persona will remain anonymous so your best option to guard your privacy is to limit access to your documents. One method of doing this is to use MyOtherDrive private sharing rather than public forums when you need to share files with friends. Resources that might be shared could include pictures, documents, or more esoteric files such as game save files or a Firefox plugin you created. Even if it doesn't seem embarrassing now you never know how things could be used against you later. Guard your private life and save yourself the trouble. Private sharing means that only the people you specify are provided with secure links to your files. Even if the link falls into someone else's hands, they can't access your files without your permission. Private sharing is an easy way to keep private information secure.

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