Private File Sharing Keeps Your Data Secure

The Internet is a great tool for socializing with people all over the world but is also the single greatest threat to your privacy if you aren't careful.

Your Private Life Is Public

When we socialize with our online friends it's easy to forget that our sharing is occurring on a public forum with potentially billions of on-lookers. Your private life becomes public and you don't have to be planning to knock over Fort Knox to experience serious consequences. Events like the Star Wars Kid video show how a silly personal project can lead to cruel Internet notoriety. Internet nicknames don't do much to protect your privacy. We all reveal little tidbits of our personal lives in our Internet communications, and an astute researcher could piece those errors together to figure out our real identities. Information such as a date of birth provided through forum access or a photograph that inadvertently reveals our home address can quickly destroy our privacy.

Why Does Privacy Matter?

You may be wondering why you should care about secure sharing. You aren't some big celebrity or political candidate, so does it really matter if people are snooping through your public photos? We often present a public persona that is different than our private or professional life. The most common situation is in a job interview. Your efforts to present yourself as a sober professional can be seriously undermined when the interviewer looks you up on Facebook and sees numerous pictures of you doing keg stands. An employer could find out information about anything from political affiliation to personal preferences that may affect your life at work. While it is illegal for them to discriminate based on these factors, how would you know why they started treating you different? Employers aren't the only ones combing the Internet for personal information. Internet research is so easy that people are investigating their neighbors, potential romantic partners, and friends.

MyOtherDrive Helps Protect Your Privacy

Our service can make sure your files are accessed only by the people you want through our private sharing services. When you set up a file for private sharing, it is guarded against random access. You specify other MyOtherDrive subscribers who are allowed access. They will receive secure links that give them access to the file once they have signed in to their account. Even if someone else gets their hands on the link they will not be able to see your file. This can be used to protect any kind of file you can imagine. It is commonly used to protect online photos but can also guard anything from a Word document to a recording of your band's latest release. The system is easy to use and gives you one extra defense against Internet snoopers.

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