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Did you know that every shared folder and shared file (HTML pages) now have a comments section at the bottom? As the owner of a shared folder or file, you will receive an email when someone comments on your shared items. (You can turn this off by changing your preferences in the 'Edit Configuration' page.) As the owner / moderator, you can delete comments.

To see an HTML view of one of your folders or files, click on the 'Show Folder' button on the toolbar and it will open a browser window with that folder as a shared page. The same can be done with files - click on 'Show Files' (secondary / lower toolbar) and it will open to an HTML view of the shared file. In order for others to see these views, you need to share your folders. Click the 'Share' button on the top with the desired folder to be shared, selected.


Our Backup setup window has been streamlined for ease of use. In addition, you can have your backup Summary Report sent to not only yourself (account owner), but to a list of email addresses. This is great if you are setting up online backup for others and they want you to monitor their backups.


Sharing folders and files has just gotten easier. When you add / accept friends to your Friends List, they are now automatically added to your 'Friends' group. On MOD, sharing is done by sharing a folder to a group. To share a folder to just the people on your friends list, select the folder, click the 'Share' button, and then give the 'Friends' group view + download permission. It's that easy.

If you want to be more selective in your sharing, you can create additional groups. Then assign a subset of your friends to those groups. The share a folder to that group. A friend can be in more than one group. Our service let's you go from very simple 'Public' sharing, to easy sharing with 'Friends,' to highly selective sharing with custom groups.

Postal Backup?

Want to backup your data quickly to MyOtherDrive? Send us your USB drive, NAS, DVDs, etc. and we will back them up for you, for only the cost of return shipping. That's right free + shipping. There's a saying in the IT world, "Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon." There is a lot of truth to that. Click on our Contact Us link to get the process started. (3GB minimum).

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