Online Storage and Backup (Smart Tips)

Most of us know we should back up critical information but few of us do. When a disaster strikes such as a computer crash, theft, or fire, we realize just how much time, money, and memories our procrastination actually cost us. Online backup is essentially 'data insurance.' We insure our cars, our homes, and even our cell phones without a second thought, yet most of us leave our data completely unprotected. You don't have to install a tape backup or external hard drive, nor do you have to back up every day. Any effort you make to protect your data will pay off in the long run.

Local Backups

One of the easiest ways to back up is to simply make another copy of the file on the same computer. Right-click on a document and select "Copy" then right click somewhere else in the folder and select "Paste". You now have a version called "Copy of..." This protects you if you accidentally delete or otherwise corrupt the document. A better solution is to copy the document to another hard drive on your computer. Many systems today come with two drives. Create a folder on the other drive and drag files into the new folder. Anything dragged onto a new drive will be copied rather than moved. If the original hard drive fails, you still have access to your data.

Offsite Backups

Making copies is a good first step but doesn't protect you in the event of serious catastrophe such as fire or natural disaster. Almost all computers come with writable CD or DVD drives and writable disks are cheap. Every now and then, copy your important files to a CD then store it in a safe place. Where is a safe place? The further the backup is from your computer, the safer it is. Something as simple as storing it in another room adds a layer of safety. Or you can keep it in your desk at work or at a friend's house. If disaster strikes, your data will be safe in a remote location.

Online Backups

Local backups are OK but don't provide much protection. Offsite backups are better, but it's inconvenient to deliver the backup to your offsite storage. What you need is local access to offsite backup. That's where online storage companies come in. You can backup your important data over the Internet onto servers located far from your home. You get maximum protection for minimum effort. Protecting your data is as simple as logging into the online backup site, marking the files to be copied, and waiting for it to happen. Most of us have fast Internet connections so the backup doesn't take long at all. Even if you copy a large number of files, the operation can be left unattended overnight. No swapping CDs or baby-sitting the computer. Online backups are accessible only by you. They are protected by firewalls, virus protection, and an encrypted connection. MyOtherDrive offers secure and free online storage and backup so there is no excuse not to do it. It's easy and you will feel secure in the knowledge that your files are protected.

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