New 'Run Now' option for Online Backup

What is the new 'Run Now' option?

In the past, you had to wait for the scheduled backup to run in order to test it. Or you could go to the Task Scheduler and manually run it. Now, there is a single button, labeled 'Run Now' on the Settings window. Click that button, and the automatic backup begins running immediately, showing progress.

All of your backup options are used. That includes all Backup Maps. If you exit the File Management application, the running backup continues.

Our automatic backup system is smart - it will not start the scheduled backup, if a backup is already running (manually started or started by schedule).

Can I use the 'Run Now' option exlusively?

Yes. Configure your backup settings one time (no need to set start date and time) and click the 'Run Now' button whenever you want to run your backup.

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