Multiple Backup Map Support

What are Backup Maps?

A Backup Map allows you to specify a list of files and folders on your computer and a destination folder on MyOtherDrive. In addition to mapping source and destination, you can also mark the Backup Map with wildcard patterns for skipping files, turn on synchronization (new, changed, and deletes will be transfered), and you can include hidden files. All of these settings are available per Backup Map. And with support for multiple Backup Maps, you can create as many of these 'mappings' as you wish.

To use this feature, click on the 'Backup' button on the main toolbar. In the window that comes up, there are four steps displayed. Use Step 3 to create Backup Maps. Maps can be renamed, for example, you can name each map after each computer you back up. Or perhaps you would like to create a Map for each drive (C:, D:).

Did you know that the destination folder on MyOtherDrive can set to another account?

In some instances, users may have a single large MyOtherDrive subscription. Each computer can be set to backup into that account. In these cases, the 'team' may have free accounts (or paid), and they are added as friends to the main 'paid' account. The person controlling the main paid account can create one or more folders for each person (or computer) backing up. They would need to make sure to provide 'Add' and 'Download' access to the person backing up, in order for them to use another account as a destination on MyOtherDrive.

Did you know that the source folder(s) can be from Network Drives, USB Drives, etc.?

Unlike some of our competitors, our Online Backup solution does not lock one to a single computer. When choosing the source folders to backup, you have access to any network share, all of your local drives (including USB drives, keys), CD/DVD-ROMs, any drive you can access.

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