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Keep your important files and documents safe from disaster. You can protect yourself from hard drive crashes, power surges, dropped or stolen laptops, accidental deletes, and natural disasters? Use MyOtherDrive online backup to protect your personal computer and ensure your data is safe.

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The Evolution of Backup

Tape backup is the dinosaur of the backup world. Tapes are slow to backup, have low capacity, and are slow to recover your data. Writable CD ROMs and DVDs just never had enough space for backup. So backup shifted to external USB drives for most people. These provide fast storage, easy access, relatively low cost, but have a couple of drawbacks. They can be damaged, lost, and stolen (usually along with the computer that was stolen). Furthermore, files stored on USB drives are not easily accessible remotely or shared to others without compromising your network.

The Future of Backup

Online storage is the natural next step in backup evolution. It eliminates the issues with USB drives - damage, loss, theft, and accessibility. Your data is stored in a safe and secure environment with the benefit of remote access, public and private sharing, and encryption. Fortunately, the future of backup is now. Begin protecting yourself today with online storage using our automated backup! Click here for a list of major features.


MyOtherDrive backup provides 128-bit encryption that occurs on your local computer, before your files are sent to our servers. Your files are stored in our data center computers in encrypted format, so that no one but you can read them. When you download files you supply the encryption password, and the files are decrypted on your local computer, after the encrypted file is downloaded from our servers.

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